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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 11, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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chris stevens. senior state department officials insist they'd rejected requests for increased security based on intelligence they had at the time. but a former security officer suggested politics played a role saying officials didn't want libya to seem more unstable. investigators warning abut a security breach at northwest florida state college. hackers managed to steal 300,000 record from the school's computer system including social security numbers. those at risk, students. teachers, staff, retirees many reported issues with identity theft. a plea deal reached in the case of a colorado student shot after she wandered into a house drunk. zoe ripple pled guilty to trespassing. if she stays out of trouble her record will be wiped clean. under the influence of a date rain drug when she walked into a couple's bedroom in the middle of the night. very strange story. >> yeah, a strange story. you were mentioning this is some what of a problem in colorado.
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>> police in this area say that many students i belief if i remember, this is, don't quote me on this, one or two a week. one or two a month. students will drink too much. a lot of houses that are used seasonally. some of them are empty. they wander in. sleep it off. apparently like, entering these homes happens a lot. why this woman would enter this home. not leave when somebody had a gun pointed at her. >> you are in colorado. >> not good. >> i just cannot believe this. >> tests show she was quite drunk. but i think, if you are drunk enough. if you can walk, you think you would register that you, have a gun in your face. you should turn around and walk out. >> my goodness. maybe the date rape drug. the new assertion. >> colorado. a look at your thursday weather. thunderstorms from the coast to vegas, phoenix, albuquerque. showers in southeast texas and miami area. mix of rain and snow from
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northern minnesota. into michigan. a chilly drier day from new england to the mid-atlantic. >> mostly 60s in the north east. midwest. 80s from dallas to miami. most leave 70s in the rockies. well a south florida pastor is going above and beyond to raise money to realize a lifelong dream. >> the bish tbishop has been li scissor left in a lot where he would lack to build a center. look to help the needy from food and clothing, mortgages and insurance. >> his solution is 164 million people visit his website and denate $1 each. >> wants $164 million. aiming high. >> sure is. is there a bathroom. >> definitely not. didn't see a shower or bathroom or kitchen. >> maybe he is allowed to take an hour break. some times during the marathons. >> got to be taking a break. >> you think. unless he has a water bottle.
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>> all for a good cause. >> yeah. >> coming up. diane sawyer's exclusive sit down with president obama. >> the president opens up about his debate performance and what he plans to dupe differeo diffe time. you are watching "world news now". >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifestyle lift. [ nicole ] so i'm trying
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♪ >> welcome back. 26 days to go until election day. and it is fair to expect president obama will be watching tonight when his vice president
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joe biden debates republican nominee paul ryan. >> the subject of his own debate performance wasser to one when world news anchor diane sawyer spoke to mr. obama at the white house. >> let's get right to it, that debate what happened. >> governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> not the first time i had a bad night. >> i think what is important, the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. governor romney went to a lot of trouble to try to hide what his positions are because he knows those idea have been rejected. they won't work. if he is making an honest presentation about what he proposed he will lose. because the american people are not going to go back there. what this comes done to is how we are going to grow an economy in which everybody gets a fair shot. governor romney's prescription is that -- if we cut taxes by $5 trillion, skewed toward the wealthy and roll back
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regulations that i have put in place, some how the economy is going to grow. i fundamentally disagree with that. >> your supporters say this wasn't a bad night. you didn't show up. >> it just looked li eed like t didn't want to be there, his mind wasn't on it, he dent want to engage. >> this is legendary strategist james carville. >> as i said there is no doubt that i can make a better case, which is why i am so looking forward to tuesday. >> again, why did it happen? al gore said was it the altitude? >> you know -- i am not going to speculate on that. >> a lesson learned from it? >> i do think one lesson learned is to make sure that people understand how much is at stake and how deeply i care about it. >> we asked the president if he is second guessing himself after that debate? >> i played a lot of sports when i was a kid and still do. if you have a bad game you just move on you.
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look forward to the next one. it makes you that much more determined. the difference between this and sports is -- that -- the stakes are so high. >> in the days since the romney team has been out in force saying this wasn't just about performance or style, but an administration that seems tired and governor romney filled with energy and new idea. >> well, there is no doubt that he made a -- a good sales pitch. the problem is the product is not going to work. there were no new idea in there. >> what did mrs. obama say to you when you got home that night? >> you know what, michelle is always -- my best adviser, my toughest critic. she and i have been through this together. >> is it possible you handed him the election that night? >> no. >> you are going to win?
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>> yes. >> you want it more than the first time? >> absolutely. because i -- one of the things about being in this office is -- you are reminded of every day about what is at stake. on saturday i took michelle out to dinner. the waiter said -- thank you, you saved my mom's life. because of your health care law. she is able to get the care that she needed. that's who i am fighting for. >> what is your message to joe biden about tomorrow night? >> well, you know, i think joe just need to be joe. congressman ryan is -- a smart and effective speaker. but his idea are the wrong ones. and joe understand that. >> message to mitt romney? about tuesday night? >> well, i don't need to send a message to mitt romney. i think he will once again be very well prepared.
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he, you know, he makes a good power point presentation. i look forward to seeing him. >> he says taking him on. on issues like legal abortion. during the primaries governor romney said he would look to see a repeal of roe v. wade. yesterday in an interview he said there is no legislation with regard to abortion that i am familiar with that would become part of my agenda. your campaign has called that a lie. >> look -- diane, this is another example of governor romney hiding position he's has been campaigning on for a year and a half. >> is it a lie? >> governor romney made very clear that -- if a bill comes to his desk that over turns roe v. wade that he will be fully supportive of that. he said i will appoint justices that will overturn roe v. wade. and now, four weeks before an election, he is trying to cloud
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the question when it comes to -- women's rights to control their own health care decisions. the one thing i think people, republicans as well as the democrats can say is that there has been consistency with me from the time that i started running for president to today. and there will be consistency all the way through the next four years of my presidency. people will know where i stand, what i believe, what i am fighting for. and that's part of leadership. >> of course diane will try to sit down with mitt romney as well. stay tuned. >> that is important. a fascinating interview. i can't to hear from governor romney. >> i also want to see joe biden being joe as president obama put it. that is always interesting. some times joe says some really interesting things. >> i know. definitely going to watch. i think a lot of people are going to be watch. one of the most watched vice
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presidential debate. >> think you are right. >> still to come, what a new survey says is a sure fire way for will tune get ahead in business. coming up in the "the mix." >> one of a kind attraction in florida. how you can swim with a tiger. you will have to do it quickly. you are watching "world news you will have to do it quickly. you are watching "world news now." action i love telling big stories about big heroes. but, at the end of the day, real life is betterhan y story. every day they make the crifices for their country; for my country; for my son's country. the uso gives us real ways to support our real hees. theris a way we can say thanks. you can go to and make a real difference in their lives today. do it.
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♪ ♪ rising up to the challenge of our rivals ♪ >> i see rocky now. that guy's voice is incredibly high. exactly. ♪ the eye of the tiger >> all right, reported here in the past about people having unfortunate run ins with animals not dogs and cats. we mean wild animals like tigers. >> okay these are small tigers.
2:50 am
going for a swim with them is apparently the newest gymic o e out of the florida wildlife park. abc's matt gutman put on a wet suit and got into the pool. >> reporter: there is a new party animal in town, tony the tiger. only 6 weeks old and tiny, his roar, may be a peep. but an enormous attraction here at dade city's wild things. which says it is the only place in the world where customers can swim, yes, swim with a real live tiger. >> it is a limited time we can do it in florida. you can interact with the tiger until they're 40 pound. >> reporter: it may sound dangerous, randy stern says it is a roaring success. drawing people from as far as iceland. paying $200 for just 30 minutes to cuddle, bottle feed, and of course practice your tiger paddle. >> there you go. when fully grown, a siberian
2:51 am
tiger could top 1,000 pound. both didn't seem to mind. >> i never thought i would get to touch one much less swim with one trying to keep up with it, so exciting. >> reporter: so exciting everyone wants in on the action. swimming with wild and potentially dead ll lly critter seems trendy. at out of africa wildlife park in arizona, trainers look on. the whole idea here is to get them to be socialized with humans. animals born in captivity and will die in captivity. matt gutman, florida. >> no, no, no. wild animals. could maul your face. could maul your face off. >> if it tried to maul my face off. >> no, no. >> not going to happen? >> no, no, no. that is a photoshop. that its a photoshop.
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>> all right, time for "the mix." sunny, have you ever butt dialed 911 by accident. >> yes. >> seems like you and i all most have a million times. one more button i have to hit, yes, no. i hit no. hatch pe the 911 call centers are getting overwhelmed a problem. for every 100 calls, report in "the daily" made to 911 this year, 40 were accidental. almost half the calls going to 911 are accidental. and total 100 million illegitimate calls made last year. the mayor in new york city released a report that accidental reports here actually
2:56 am
outnumber real emergency calls. and another little dynamic going on because so many people have cell phones these days, 911 operators are getting inundated, the call same emergency. 25 people. >> i have done that. i called. they said we have a call. >> tough to be an operator. >> got to have the button and step. >> extra button. ten times a day. sure you want to call 911. no! >> yeah, yeah, true. that's what people have to do. how about this? flirting remains the best way for women to got what they want in business. >> doesn't surprise me at all. i turn into a complete zombie when a woman flirts with me. >> i have to flirt with you more. >> yeah. >> i didn't know that. >> really? >> fascinating. an experiment was done. involved a dl eal to sell a caro sue. flirty playful sue got more money off the asking price.
2:57 am
serious sue, didn't get much money. apparently only works women flirting with men. when men flirt with women, we could care less. you will pay the price. only works on men. >> las vegas, really had a bonanza from his naked exploits. they are reporting in the las vegas sun that the convention and visitors authority ran a tongue in cheek ad campaign apparently, reached an estimated 154 million people. publicity valued at $23 million after the city. harry has put a lot of money in vegas's coffers. they were sag what happened in vegas should stay in vegas whuft ever ratted out harry. >> if he flirted with me, may give him a discount. >> you would let harry flirt with you. he is a prince. >> he is cute. last but not least, my halloween costume. yours as well. sexy big bird.
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the one i ordered is this year's hottest halloween costume. that's the one i ordered. with the crazy
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this morning on "world news now" -- a tragic turn. a bo is found just a few miles from where jessica ridgeway disappeared. >> and sources now tell abc news they have reason to believe it is that of the little girl. it is thursday, october 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good thursday morning, i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm john muller. rob and paula are on assignment. 10-year-old jessica vanished last friday on her way to school. much more on the discovery of the body and what investigators are telling abc news. >> such a sad story. >> so sad. first, the other stories we are following this half-hour.
3:01 am
a huge nighten t ein the race f president. vice presidential candidates plan to go head-to-headen a debate the obama administration hopes can turn the tide for its campaign. also this half-hour we'll introduce you to a woman who the sky is the limit. martha raddatz, and the first female fighter pilot. how she paved the way for a new generation. >> one of my favorites of the day. so cool. >> later from newspapers to television now to the big screen. charlie brown and snoopy plan to take hollywood by storm. how the new movie will be a family affair for the cartoon's creator the i certainly am going to watch that. remember. ♪ snoopy love it. first there is breaking news from colorado this morning. a grim discovery in the desperate search for a girl who has been missing since last friday. >> abc's clayton sandel has been following the jessica ridgeway case from the start, the latest from westminster, colorado.
3:02 am
>> reporter: late wednesday night police announced a bed had been found in a park in arvada. they will not confirm it is 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. multiple police sources tell abc news they believe it is the girl's body. but positive identification may take several days. the fifth grader was last seen friday morning as she headed out for her short walk to school. over the weeken the first big break in the case when her backpack was discover 6 miles away. s when day any kiss cov-- s when day's discovery came after police cleared her parents as suspects. >> we are confident they are not involved in the disappearance of jessica ridgeway. the focus shifts to an unknown suspect as we think she was abducted. >> reporter: now the police focus is on finding a suspect and identifying the body. and for the family and friend of the girl with the blond hair and the pink and purple glasses who loved math and gym class, their hope is gone, replaced by shock
3:03 am
and grief. last evening before word the body had been discovered. people gathered in missouri where jessica's father and relatives live, holding a prayer vig vigil. prayers they now know were not answered. clayton sandel, colorado. >> a terrible story the something on the overnight. when the school called her mother to tell her mother she hadn't arrived. her mother said she was sleeping because she worked the overnight shift. >> the only time she sleeps. >> did not get the call for eight hours. >> clearly, like we were talking earlier, going to blaem hme her. not the case. >> it's not her fault. the creep out there that did this. i still don't understand. don't understand why people prey upon innocent children. >> unbelievable. our hearts go out to the family and we'll follow the story. >> absolutely. to politics now, the vice presidential debeate in kentuck.
3:04 am
>> both. candidates under pressure with 28 days to go. karen travers joins us with a preview. karen. >> reporter: good morning, john, good morning, sunny. stakes are high in danville, kentucky. but we are still talking about last week's debate. the president was not really trying to defend his performance. vice president biden's goal, halt mt romney's momentum. powell ryan he well do anything to keep it going. abc's diane sawyer sat down exclusively with president obama and she asked him, what happened at that first debate? >> well, governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> well not the first time i have had a bad night. i think what's important that the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. >> reporter: romney is on the hot seat. he told iowa's des moines
3:05 am
register, quote, there is no legislation with regards to b s bors -- abortion that i am familiar with that would become part of my agenda. >> do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade. yes. >> before he left for kentucky. ryan was grilled by report ears but romney seeming to downplay what he would do about abortion as president. >> our position is unified, consistent and hasn't changed. >> the president agreed that romney has been consistent. >> governor romney has made very clear that, itch a bill comes to his desk that overturns roe v. wade he will be supportive of that. he said i will appoint justice that will overturn roe v. wade. and, now, four weeks before an election, he is trying to cloud the question. >> reporter: it will be biden/ryan on stage here tonight. but it will certainly be policies of the president and mitt romney up for debate. john, sunny, back to you. vice presidential debate under way at 9:00 eastern time.
3:06 am
our own martha raddatz will moderate the debate. you can see it live right here on abc. >> who knows what joe biden might say. loose cannon. >> everybody will watch it. loose cannon. known as the best debater in the senate. so, ryan has work cut out. >> last presidential election greaten the debate. >> sort of the everyday guy way about him. resonates with so many. let's face it. >> beauty of the vps. don't have to be presidential. they can bombs away. might be action. >> lot of action. the presidential debate was one of the most watched debates in history. you can imagine what's going to happen. with the media, twitter. >> president obama kind of flat on his feet, little lackluster. ed by in will come out swinging. paul ryan is a tough guy the could be fun. >> i cannot wait. state department officials in the congressional hot seat acknowledging they turned down requests for security ahead of at take in libya that killed
3:07 am
ambassador stevens and three americans. in a politically charged hearing they told a house committee based on what they knew at the time security was appropriate. a former security officer testified his concerns were ignored. >> it is dealing and fighting against the people, programs, and person them who are supposed to be supporting me. for me, the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> that official acknowledged a few more armed americans might not have fended off the attack. republican lawmakers kret size the obama add strags for not doing enough to protect the benghazi compound. new details about the man arrested at lax wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying weapons. abc news learned that he told detectives and the fbi, hey this is a game. however, the officials are puzzled whether he meant the questioning or the stuff in his checked baggage. and officials are still trying to figure out how he managed to fly from china to korea to japan and on to los angeles without
3:08 am
being stopped by security. a plea deal reach in the case of a colorado student shot after she wandered into a house drunk. zoe ripple pleaded getty to felony trespassing. her record will be wiped clean if she stays out of trouble. the colorado university student claims sunny was given a date rape drug the night she ended up inside the stranger's house. >> really scary things can happen p it is so important to keep -- your bearings about you. and -- and really be conscious of what you are doing and what other people are doing. >> ripple was shot in the hip after she showed of in the homeowner's bedroom and was repeatedly warned to leave. the homeowner was not charged. two people are dead after a parking garage collapsed on the campus of miami-dade college. a short time ago, crews managed to free a construction worker who had been stuck inside a vehicle under the rubble for about 12 hours. the five-story parking structure was under construction but nearly complete when the roof
3:09 am
collapsed. secretary of state hillary clinton is strongly condemning the taliban, shooting of a 14-year-old activist in pakistan. protester have hit the streets across pakistan to express their outrage. the teenager has been an outspoken advocate for the roog rights of girls to get educated. doctors removed a bullet from her head and she remains in intensive care. bicyclist lance arm string has demanded to know the name of those accusing him. the anti-doping agency has complied, revealing 11 of armstrong's former team mates are among those who testified against him. they providedetail of the substances he used. armstrong continues to insist he never cheated. to the road to the world series, an excitingened to last night's orioles/yankees game. yankees behind, bottom of the ninth. the pinch hitter. bill. -- ibanez, too iffed it up.
3:10 am
bottom of the 129. same thing. the yanks win it 3-2. they lead that series, 2-1. game four tonight in the bronx. yesterday's other games, saint louis beat washington to take 2-1 lead in the series. san francisco, topped cincinnati. that series is typed. and back in american league, oakland from two runs down in the ninth to win, 4-3. force a game five later today. following any of the baseball sunny? >> i'm from the bronx. >> yes, you are. really are from the bronx. >> all about the yankees. >> ibanez, pinch hit home run in the ninth. post season. game winning home run in the 12th. money. reggie jackson. >> you can never count out a bronx bomber. ever. >> ever. the greatest winning sports franchise in the history of sports. sorry. >> no problem. coming up, an important warning about the airbags in your car. how some people are learning the hard way that those bags are not factory approved.
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first, forget glass ceilings. introduce you to a woman who shalter shattered barriers in the sky. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ follow the wings.
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[ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back.
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♪ ♪ we mention tonight's vice president shall debate earlier. happy to say that abc's martha raddatz is tonight's moderator. >> when not hanging with biden, ryan or traveling to war zones. martha gets to cool stuff, like when she went flying with the first female fighter pilots. >> reporter: the f-15 strike eagle. i could not been more capable hands. the colonel is not only a decorated fighter pilot, she has broken through gender barriers, few thought possible. >> i said i dent want ton't wan attention.
3:16 am
>> reporter: more than 20 years ago when she entered a world dominated by male swagger. that attitude was not just in movies like "top gun" pentagon brass argued male bonding was critical. >> if you want to make a combat unit ineffective, assign some women to it. like it or not, things were about to change. >> since then she logged 2,700 hours. 300 in combat over iraq and afghanistan. dropping bombs on enemy targets and avoiding enemy fire. she now trains others for combat. commanding a 5,000-person fighter wing. this day, a mock bombing raid in the skies over north carolina. >> what the jets do first is a show of force exactly what they would do if this was a real battle. >> the changes with women flying combat aircraft is --
3:17 am
>> all different skill levels. >> girls don't stand out any more. >> it is very true. >> reporter: and the colonel and others have inspired a new generation. >> regardless of your gender i think everyone is going to look up to her, everyone does look up to her. >> the fact, gender, race, religion, none of that matters. it matters how you perform. >> reporter: she has performed one of the best of the best. so take that, maverick. martha raddatz. abc news, seymour johnson air force base. >> now get this, in-flight. take that maverick. logged 2,700 hours, 300 in comb battle over iraq and afghanistan. been a weapons instructor as well. fair to say she is among the best of the best. >> belter believe it. they don't put you in the cockpit of one of the expensive planes unless you are one of the best of the best. >> apparently. see, see what i mean. don't have to deal with tsa.
3:18 am
>> modern fighter pilot. good look for you. >> thank you, thank you. also interesting. entered in 1992. earned her bachelor's in aerospace engineering, and masters in aeronaughtics from stanford university. >> little smarty pants. >> such a smarty pants. >> my goodness. >> that's right. iceman. >> i am crazy. >> am i iceman or you iceman. >> maverick, iceman. beth pretty cool. >> i want to beep maverick. >> i will be iceman. i like it. >> up next, an important consumer alert. how the very thing designed to protect youen a car crash could end up being what harms you the most. end up being what harms you the most. you hi, i'm jon secada. did you know that chroroc hepatitis c affects approximately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 yearars my father never said how sick he was getting.
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he stayed silent, never talked over the options with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be vivisitg him at home, instead of here. if you still think there's's strength in silence, think again. talk to your doctor about your options and learn more at tune in to hep c dot com.
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well when you think about counterfeit stuff, maybe you are thinking about money or fake luxury items. you are probably not thinking abut the airbags in your car, safe to say. >> you should be. in fact national traffic safety administration is warning about counterfeit airbags. abc's david kerley reports they look like the real thing but they're not. >> reporter: this airbag supposed to save your life explode. fire shooting out of the steering wheel. a count fit. here it is again. the fake literally shooting parts and flames. right act the driver. or this bag, another fake. that only partially inflates. customs a scents were spotting fakes when the tests of the
3:21 am
suspected chinese made counterfeits came back the alert went out. >> when people try to think about counterfeiting having large low to do whether or not somebody is selling a bootleg dvd. we are dealingen a different world now. >> reporter: this this summer in charlotte boxes were confiscated. some sold on the internet. this is only an issue if your airbag has deployed and you have to have it replaced. the government says go to an authorized delter and make sure you get the real deal. less than 250,000 vehicles over the past three years may be affected. advice, if you are not sure you got a real replacement. have a dealership check your new airbag. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> outrageous. one thing, a count fit handbag. >> shooting ow of the steering wheel. ridiculous. check www.safer
3:22 am
learn which vehicle models among those who may have gotten those counterfeit airbags. >> frightening. coming up, no matter what your age is, likely the cartoon "peanuts" was part of your childhood. now a mu movie coming your way. [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark. [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... to clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore.
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♪ oh i need someone to read me stories ♪ ♪ oh ♪ someone to turn the page well, finally this half-hour, the promise of more peanuts. yes, more charlie proun, lucy, peppermint patty and smoopnoopy. >> dent get too excited. the big screen movie is in the works. chris conley has details. >> reporter: cue the music. the memorable character. >> 5 cents, please. >> good grief.
3:26 am
>> reporter: and peanuts' fans get ready to laugh. work well. in the whack ake of tuesday's n deal has been made. >> attention our director. >> reporter: to update charlie brown and the gng to the century for a new animated feature. >> lucy get costumes and scripts. >> we know how dedicated peanuts fans are if you put in the wrong voice, wrong image. take them in the wrong place. and charlie brown an ipad you will hear about it. >> reporter: the first peanuts film without the input of creator charles schultz. who died in 2000 after bringing his blend of wit and woe to 50 years of peanuts strips, films and tv specials. this new film it is said will be co-written by craig schultz who knows he has big shoes to fill. >> all i can do is make it last as long as i can and be as true
3:27 am
to my dad's work. i believe the rest of the family is dedicated to that. >> just look, as far as the eye can see. >> the film slate to be released in 2015. that would be the 50th anniversary of the peabody winning charlie brown christmas. good enough news. to bring everyone to their feet. chris conley, abc news, los angeles. >> i cannot -- can't wait. >> best one. christmas one. >> christmas one the he buys the tree. >> become part of the vernacular. something pathetic. it looks like the charlie brown christmas tree. >> update. speaks to the kids of today. >> have a challenge. yeah, the kids today. might find it slow. that's what made it great. different generation. >> we'll see something different. that's the new for this half-hour. follow us on facebook at >> on twitter@abc, use
3:28 am
#-wnnfans. we'll see you in a minute.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- the spotlight shifts. the vice presidential candidates are ready to spar tonight in their only debate. >> they'll go head-to-head over domestic and foreign issues. 26 days before the election. it's thursday, october 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm john muller. >> i'm sunny hostin. paula and rob are off this thursday morning. we'll get to the high stakes vice presidential debate in just a moment. also this half-hour, late news from colorado in the frantic search for 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. a body has been discovered. police sources tell us they believe it is the missing girl.
3:31 am
ahead, disgraced cyclist lance armstrong demanded to know who accused him of doping. now he has the names, 26 of them, including 11 former teammates now against him. >> unbelievable. wow. then the latest low down on the lohans, yes, lindsay gets in a nasty new brawl. this time it's with her mom. cops were called. and we'll have it all coming up in "the skinny." they just never disappoint. >> didn't involve a nightclub and car this time? >> i think it did involve a nightclub. we'll begin with tonight's big debate. with 26 days before the election. >> romney running mate paul ryan arrived in kentucky where he will face-off for 90 minutes with the vice president joe biden. it will be ryan's first debate on the national stage. with the race so close there is extra pressure for him to turn in a clutch performance. >> vice president biden travels to the debate site later today. he had several mock debates with
3:32 am
the paul ryan stand-in, maryland congressman chris van holland. with biden all week. helping him prep. and in a sign of how good he feels, the prospects, the first campaign event after the debate will be in wisconsin. in paul ryan's backyard. the vice presidential debate gets under way at 9:00 eastern time. our own martha raddatz will moderate and we will carry it live. as for the top of the ticket, there are questions this morning about where mitt romney stands on abortion. romney said in an interview tuesday that he has no plans for abortion legislation if elected. but anti-abortion advocates reminded him of his pledge to do everything in his power to promote a culture of life. and so on the stump in ohio, romney reaffirmed that he is indeed pro-life. in an interview with abc news, president obama accused romney of trying to cloud his true stance on abortion. speaking to diane sawyer, president obama conceded that he did poorly in last week's debate.
3:33 am
asked if it was possible he had handed the election to romney, the president replied "no." >> breaking news this morning in the search for a 10-year-old girl. her remains were found a few miles from jessica's home. sources tell abc news, it is believed to be jessica. it could take a while to make a positive identification. hours earlier, police announced jessica's parents were not suspects. >> i want to come out today and tell you that at this point in the investigation after thoroughly looking at the parents, we are confident that they are not involved in the disappearance of jessica ridgeway. the focus shifts to an unknown suspect as we think she was abducted. >> a big delay in reporting jessica's disappearance. her mother works overnight and was sleeping when the school left a voice mail saying jessica didn't show up. police were called eight hours later after her mother retrieved the message. now to the house hearing,
3:34 am
stemming from last month's attack in libya. a former u.s. security official told lawmakers it was clear that they would not get the extra security they requested until an actual incident occurred. abc's jake tapper has more on the testimony. >> reporter: the horrifying night in benghazi had former security officials 6 in libya condemning superiors for denying requests for security agents. >> i asked for 12 agents. his response was you are asking for the sun, moon and stars. >> reporter: eric nordstrom, the former security officer at u.s. embassy in libya recalled his biggest frustration as being the state department. >> it is dealing and fighting against the people, programs, and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. for me, the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> reporter: suspected denials for security were rooted in a fear of making libya seem more unstable. but a state department official denied any politics were at
3:35 am
play. >> i have directly served six secretaries of state, democratic and republican. on my honor, no, none. >> reporter: we have learned new details what happened that night. at 8:30, ambassador chris stevens went outside the compound to say good night to a visiting turkish diplomat. streets were empty. at 9:40, security agents in operations center of the compound heard explosions and saw a large group of armed men entering the compound. stevens, sean smith and one security agent locked themselves in the safe area. they saw attackers hunting for them. pouring diesel and, setting the house on fire. the three americans went to a bathroom area where they tried to open a small window for air. it was not enough. on the ground suffering from severe smoke inhalation they decided to flee. stevens and smith never made it out alive. diane sawyer asked the president about the white house's initial claims that the incident began
3:36 am
with a protest against that anti-muslim video. >> as information came in, information was put out. the information may not have always been right the first time. look, look, diane, these are people i know. and if there is something to be fixed, it will get fixed. >> reporter: commander of a security team pulled from libya a few weeks before the attack testified that when he heard about the attack on the post in benghazi it was instantly recognizable that it was a terrorist attack. i had almost expected the attack to come, he said, we were the last flag flying. it was a matter of time. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> well i think it is just stunning that it appears that perhaps security was short changed. people were asking for security an didn't get it. >> obviously house republicans are saying that there is a -- you know, situation here where the obama administration blew it. and are actually accusing the administration of misleading the
3:37 am
public. the obama administration denies that. hindsight is "20/20." no doubt about it. there were requests they didn't feel safe. they needed more. let's face it. the facts play out that they had, very good suspicion and they were right. >> not a good time for the hearing, for the obama administration. especially, 20-something days away from the election. >> got that right. >> tough. talk about lawyers and jerry sandusky, they say they will fight the attempts to take away his penn state pension. the retirement pension told sandusky will no longer recee $4,900 monthly check. sandusky received a total of $900,000 in pension payments between his retirement in 1999 and last month. >> wow. >> that is a -- sweet retirement deal. >> $900,000. >> that's a lot. wow. >> apparently the decision rests on analysis that he remained a de facto employee of penn state
3:38 am
in the years after his 1999 retirement. we know now that put him in the position to commit more crimes against young boys. no surprise to me that -- they're saying you are not entitled to that retirement anymore. it has to be forfeited. >> he won't get any more. >> a good point. they should. we'll see. >> we'll see. u.s. anti-doping agency says lance armstrong not only cheated in pursuit of his seven tour de france titles, in pursuit of his titles, he pushed his teammates to do the same. the agency investigation found that armstrong was at the center of quote, the most sophisticated professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen. the agency's chief says the evidence against armstrong, too overwhelming to ignore. >> our job unfortunately is to act on the evidence. nothing else. nothing more, nothing less. and that's what we have done in this case.
3:39 am
what we saw, and the evidence shows an undeniable web of sophisticated doping, all aimed to succeed and bring success to this team. >> armstrong has been stripped of all his titles. he did not fight the agency's charges but does continue to insist he never cheated. medical news now, the search for a way to prevent alzheimer's. researchers plan to test three drugs on people doomed to get the disease. because of their genetic makeup. within a few years doctors should know which drug if any would work. research focused on people who have the disease with little positive results. >> significant breakthrough. let's hope. >> yeah, right. your tuesday forecast -- showers, thunderstorms, in california. from san jose to l.a., san diego. also stretching into vegas, phoenix, albuquerque. showers from houston, corpus christi. wintry mix near the canadian border, northern minnesota to the upper peninsula of michigan. highs in the 40s from fargo to minneapolis. mostly 60s from chicago to
3:40 am
boston. and, 80s, across the south. when we think of activities at senior centers, golf, or arts and crafts come to mind. >> in great falls, montana. one group of seniors is going hog wild, hog as in harley that is. these over 50 folks lined up for the chance to strap on helmets, goggles and hit the open road. accompanied by the local harley club. most had never, yes, never been on a bike. and they all agreed that given another chance, they would do it again. >> kind of fun being on the back of a bike, right? >> man, look at that. they have harleys too. >> they look cool. >> did they go to the road house, get in a fight. down pitchers of beer. what do you think? >> i'm digging it. >> me too. >> another day, another round of drama for yes, lindsay lohan, this time she and her mother go a few round. bizarre details ahead in "the skinny." >> first, police say a lot more than working out going on inside a fitness studio in maine.
3:41 am
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3:45 am
small community in southern maine, oh, no, ♪ zumba >> well these aren't the usually tranquil days of autumn for one small community in southern maine, oh, no, community now in the middle of an unwanted pay for sex scandal. >> a humdinger. this one plenty of evidence to be watched allegedly. an alleged list of johns has people very nervous. check it out. a town better known for charm and summering ex-presidents. now kennebunk, maine, rocked by a massive scandal involving -- sex, money and zumba. >> don't think it is indicative of kennebunk. it is a nice town and a nice place to live. and i am quite surprised. ♪ >> authorities charge, zumba instructor of running a sex for money operation out of her fitness studio. indicted on 106 counts more than half for prostitution. wright appeared in court. her alleged partner, insurance agent, mark strong sr. has also been charged with promoting prostitution and violation of
3:46 am
privacy. it turns out the duo recorded many of wright's encounters and authorities have gathered more than 100 hours of video as evidence. now the town is bracing itself for another wave of scandal as police issue summonses and plan to release the names of wright's alleged customers. >> i think there is a lot of people talking and probably some people that are sweating bullets about the list that may or may not come out. >> can you imagine? >> get this. police have begun issuing, summonses to customers. townspeople heard, lawyers, doctors, law enforcement officials and television personality. >> yes. >> have been summoned. >> i have not been to maine. put your mind to rest. do not give me an accusing look. >> just going to ask. >> the answer is no. >> my goodness. >> obviously little scary as well. the school board administrator t the -- parents on notice of any kids who have relatives that might be on this list make sure there is no teasing or bullying.
3:47 am
rocking the whole town. really has a ripple effect. >> when we come back we will see what is going on in "the skinny." probably more scandal. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:48 am
♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ so now it is time for "the
3:49 am
skinny." it's time for -- yes, the lohans. apparently lindsay and her mom dinah went out to club in manhattan. they hung out. a girl's night out until 4:30 in the morning. then allegedly got into a significant argument over whether or not, lindsay would stay at a manhattan home or return to her mother's home on long island. the screaming fight starts. they're now in front of the home. lindsay calls her father for help. which is so fascinating. >> unbelievable. >> she starts yelling, dad she is on cocaine. talking about her mom. and then the father -- calls 911. and the cops get there. apparently fighting because lindsay wants the $40,000 that she loaned her mother so that the family home wouldn't be foreclosed upon. and they get into this big, big argument. interestingly enough, then this morning, for a photo op, there you go, all is well between the lohans.
3:50 am
all is well. hugging they have made peace. allegedly. allegedly. >> why does the dad call 911? why? unless they're brandishing weapons. >> got to till you it makes you understand lind say's, use. >> apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> they have screwed her up. it makes me feel sorry for her. >> talk stevie nicks, apologized to nicki minaj she made. apologizing saying, for the comments. she said she would kill, would have killed american idol judge nicki minaj for what the rapper said to mariah cary. in a statement to the qul"hollyd reporter." she was truly sorry and felt deep regret for the remarks she made. they came at the long exhausting day of interviews. day of interviews. drew ire after minaj said off with your head i will knock you out. stevie nicks, said how dare this little girl. if i was mariah, would have
3:51 am
strangled her to death. and gone to jail for it. >> who is going to mess with stevie nicks. maybe i should have chose my word a little better >> well, people are coming to mariah's defense. well honey booboo. >> okay. >> he doesn't know who honey booboo is. well i do. honey booboo has her own 24-hour bodyguard after kidnapping threats. apparently, there is some sort of alleged plot to abduct the 7-year-old reality star. and there was an attempted break in at the honey booboo household august 27. believed that someone was casing the place for a future kidnap attempt by some one that may be ransom for their newest star. she gets paid $20,000 an episode. >> my goodness. fascinating to just watch much less hear the audio. >> difficult to look away. difficult. >> you are right. beyonce pulling out of "a star is born" with clint eastwood. would have been interesting.
3:52 am
beyonce pulling out of "a star is born" with eastwood, the singer, due to team up. she said we couldn't get it together. >> big obama supporters. would if had anything to do with the empty chair. >> the empty chair, still haunting us. who knows? ng us. who knows? and me discovering novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your pre-mix insulin. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. no vials, syringes or coolers to carry. flexpen is insulin delivery my way. novolog mix 70/30 is an insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. do not inject if you do not plan to eat within 15 minutes to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. most common side effects include reactions at the injection site, weight gain, swelling of your hands and feet, and vision changes. other serious side effects include low blood sugar and low potassium in your blood. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions,
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♪ cheeseburger in paradise making the best of every bite ♪ >> oh, man. >> overnights too. dinner time for us. cheeseburger in paradise sound good right now. any burger would do. >> specially the ones we are about to show you though. high-priced, big-money burgers you may call them the burgers for the 1%. abc's t.j. winick was sure to take a bite. >> reporter: new york city landmark serendipity 3 known for its decadent deserts like the $1,000 ice cream sundae. cooked up a $295 hamburger even guinness certified it the most expensive in the world. >> this is our kind of secret.
3:56 am
this is -- white truffle butter infused with ten different herbs. >> reporter: don't forget the bun. in this case, flecked with pure 24 karat gold flakes from switzerlanand. if you think a $300 burger is over the top, you are not alone. >> $6.66 burger is seasoned. >> reporter: these two men, founders of 666 burger truck aren't big fans of the gourmet burger movement. okay they hate it. >> what could be the best way to really show my disgust short of, you know, burning the places down? >> reporter: his answer, a burger that is both wasteful and useless. his word, not mine. the price tag, $666. the cheese, mockingly melted in champagne steam. the whole thing is wrapped in gold leaf and topped with lobster, truffles, and caviar.
3:57 am
>> expensive is easy to do. you just find the most expensive ingredients. throw them together. but if they've don't work together, then it is a disaster. >> reporter: but who would buy this extravagant burger. wow. that's good. that is -- that is amazing. serendipity three has sold a handful of theirs. as for 666 -- guess what there still haven't been any takers. for "nightline," tj winick, in new york. >> t.j. took another bite. notice that? just to taunt us. just to taunts, tj. >> either 666, listening, bring in the burger. >> i'm happy. >> was that just a belch? nice. >> happy to do a taste test. >> freaked out by the gold leaf stuff. what's up with that, eating gold? >> could be tasty though. >> like gold on my jewelry not in my belly. >> i'll try it serendipity. >> stick around. >> don't miss our update on >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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